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Packaging Reuse, established in 2010, offers a range of services and products in the packaging and recycling sector. Incorporating reconditioning and disposal of drums, IBC's, hazardous waste, cardboard, plastic and pallets.

Ensuring the best solution used for the environment and customer with an effective outcome. We have an on site laboratory and are fully licensed with many years of senior management waste industry experience.

With an in house laboratory and chemist available. Using effective technical assessment of waste and packaging, utilizing harmonized classification and labelling to WM3 guidance. Ensuring an efficient outcome for both the environment and customer.

Packaging Reuse is top of the waste hierarchy: We reuse & recycle, then use cost effective recovery and disposal options.

Happy to advise & help, we can do it all!

Why choose Packaging Reuse?

  • Reconditioned IBC’s, drums and 25 litre kegs
  • Recycling and Disposal of Drums and IBC’s
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Cardboard, plastic and pallet recycling
  • Company based in Trafford Park, Manchester
  • EA permitted site for the treatment and transfer
    of hazardous industrial packaging
  • 60 years of senior waste management industry experience
  • 15 01 10* disposal via Hazardous Statements/Properties
  • Quick response facilities
  • Flexible solutions
  • ISO 9001
 Please call to discuss your requirements on: 0161 848 0976

Disposal & Waste

Safely dispose of old or unwanted packaging

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Packaging and drums thoroughly cleaned
and supplied for re-use

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Packaging Reuse can supply ready to use drums and packaging at highly competitive prices

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  • To reduce costs of recovery and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial packaging.
  • To secure UK manufacture’s reconditioned packaging supply chain.
  • To deliver quality assure innovative just in time products and services each and every time.

Waste Hierarchy - these are the different stages described in more detail.

Waste Hierarchy - these are the different stages described in more detail.

Cost save Essentials

  • 1/42014 WM2 and 1/7/2015 WM3 have increased producer responsibility and producer costs.
  • Packaging Reuse 2015 License variation provides a bespoke, industry leading , environmentally advanced cost managed response nationally for industrial packaging
  • Packaging Reuse deliver recycling solutions to the north West
  • Packaging Reuse trademarked Waste Manager in the Cloud provides national management solutions for all waste and recycling streams.

Drum Man – Waste Hierarchy

Drum Man – Drum & IBC Disposal

Drum Man – Reprocessing

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Who will help the enforcers?

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Increase in recycling stocks increase in Insurance

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waste hierarchy - drum man has arrived!

Waste Hierarchy – Drum Man has arrived! our new team member

Waste Hierarchy – Drum Manhttp://prdservices.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/VIDEO-1_WASTE-HIERARCHY_V7.mp4Drum Man – Waste Hierarchy Welcome to Packaging Reuse, looking forward to seeing what Drum Man finds to talk about. The first version talks about the waste hierarchy and how companies can work with the environment and businesses. Ensure the best methods appropriate are used. We can help you find the […]

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