PRD Services offer a wide range of reconditioned 1000L IBC’s (intermediate bulk containers) including re-manufactures, cut offs, waste and reconditioned IBCs.

Reconditioned 1000L IBC's

We ensure that all reconditioned products are thoroughly cleaned and quality checked meaning that you can rely on a consistently high level product again and again with PRD Services.

Available IBC’s:

  • Reconditioned IBCs
  • Cut-Off IBCs
  • Remanufactures
  • Waste IBCs
  • IBC Cages
  • IBC Rebottles

PRD Services offer reconditioned IBC’s that are a cost effective water or liquid storage solution.

All of our containers have been professionally cleaned, meaning all residual product has been removed, they have been chemically cleaned as well as leak tested.

What are IBC’s?

Intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) are reusable industrial containers, they are designed for the safe transportation and storage of bulk liquids.

They are easily stackable containers, that can be mounted on a pallet that is designed to be moved using a forklift or pallet jack. With a tubular galvanized steel frame around the container they guarantee stability.

They also fit perfectly into the grooves of a plastic pallet; both below and above the container which enables an exact positioning space saving storage.

Please enquire for further details.

What we do

PRD Services can provide collection, recycling and disposal of all your waste, including difficult and hazardous waste streams. You can rely on us to make sure your waste will be dealt with in a responsible manner that is both efficient and effective.

Cost considerations

We understand that every business needs the cost of waste management to be manageable whilst ensuring compliance and regulations are met to have the least impact on the environment.

PRD Services will use the most appropriate and efficient recycling options to manage your waste.

What next?

Simple, just get in touch with the waste disposal team at PRD Services to discuss how we can help your company, email us at sales@prdservices.co.uk or call give the team a call for a quote on 0161 848 0976