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Welcome to Packaging Reuse. Established in 2010, we offer a range of services and products in the packaging, chemical, recycling & disposal sector. We provide reconditioning and disposal of drums, IBCs, hazardous waste, cardboard, plastic and pallets.


ready to use, new and reconditioned drums and packaging at highly competitive prices.


reconditioning services for your existing containers including IBCs, drums and more.


safely dispose of old or unwanted packaging, containers, waste or hazardous waste.


safely dispose of recyclable materials including plastics, paper & card and more.

about us

who are we?

At Packaging Reuse, we work to deliver the best outcome possible for both you and your business, while maintaining sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Working closely with the chemical industry, we have an on-site laboratory and chemist to ensure compliance. We are fully licensed and have many years of experience and senior management in the waste industry – all combining to provide a fantastic service, tailored to you.

our mission

flexible terms and prices; tailored to your requirements

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why choose Packaging Reuse?

the waste hierarchy

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    Using less material in design and manufacture. Keeping products longer; re-use. Using less hazardous materials.

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    Checking, cleaning, repairing, refurbishing, - whole items or spare parts.

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    Turning waste into a new substance of product. Includes composting, should it meet quality protocols.

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    Includes anaerobic digestion, incineration with energy recovery, gasification and pyrolysis which produce energy and materials from waste.

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    Landfill and incineration without energy recovery.

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