packaging disposal

Packaging Reuse provide IBC, drum and industrial packaging disposal.
Any forms of contaminated industrial packaging you have, PRD Services can help: we prepare your waste for landfill, while prioritising recycling as well as reuse. Our solutions are all carried out within our fully compliant plant process and include services for other surplus products, such as secure destruction.

Our nationwide fleet, operates a bespoke service and solution tailored to your organisation and it’s needs. Our extensive support framework, allows us to take the headache out of the disposal process for you.

Non-hazardous package waste disposal

Packaging Reuse offer services in non-hazardous package waste disposal such as food based, or surplus product requiring secure destruction. For example, we will depackage food material for anaerobic digestion, then dispose, reuse or recycle of any packaging, wherever possible. PRD Services are ideally placed for maximum recycling as a percentage of your disposal requirements as well as providing the most cost effective solution. 

what we do

PRD Services can provide collection, recycling and disposal of all your IBC’s, including difficult and hazardous waste storage. Due to our clients demands we keep good stock levels available and with our U.K collection and delivery service we can provide a streamlined service for both purchase and supply of IBC’s.

cost considerations

We understand that every business needs the cost of waste management to be manageable whilst ensuring compliance and regulations are met to have the least impact on the environment. PRD Services are happy to provide like for like quotes to highlight how cost competitive we are, without reducing the quality of our products and service.

what next?

Simple, just get in touch with IBC team at PRD Services to discuss how we can help your company, email us at sales@prdservices.co.uk or call give the team a call for a quote on 0161 848 0976