Drum Recycling

Drum Recycling

As with many of our processes in modern society, we are aiming to increase our sustainability, reducing our impact on the environment – industrial packaging and drum recycling is no exception.

Being one of the most common forms of industrial packaging, we should aim to prioritise drum recycling for both metal and plastic drums. Found in a wide range of industries, there are many different use cases for drums and hence many different requirements. As such, we can use different strategies in order to increase our sustainability when dealing with packaging.

As an example; some cases may use brand new drums , where their actual requirement may suit a fully reconditioned UN standard, allowing them to reduce their packaging costs, and increase their sustainability. Methods like this allow us to extend the lifetime of our packaging through reuse, reconditioning and recycling. At the end of the lifecycle, drums should be recycled to the highest degree possible with a strong focus on drum recycling.

Packaging Reuse can help you to increase the sustainability of your business from a packaging perspective. With the help of our on-site chemist, we will make sure you have the most effective, cost efficient and compliant packaging and disposal processes possible. 

With all this in mind, it is clearly more important than ever to become aware of your plastic waste and do what you can to help. Packaging Reuse do our bit by making recycling and reuse easier for your company, providing services that help to reduce our impact on the environment and make the world a cleaner place for everyone.