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reconditioned IBCs

PRD Services offer a wide range of new and reconditioned 1000L IBC’s (Intermediate bulk containers) including new, re-manufactures, IBC tanks, containers, cages, cut offs, waste and reconditioned IBCs.   It’s simple….We Buy and sell IBC’s to support our clients needs.

available IBCs

We ensure that all laundered IBCs are thoroughly cleaned and quality checked meaning that you can rely on a consistently high-level product again and again with PRD Services.

PRD Services offer reconditioned IBCs that are a cost-effective water or liquid storage solution, and for many years have been supplying businesses in the food, chemical and industrial sector.

All containers have been professionally cleaned, meaning all residual product has been removed, chemically cleaned as well as leak tested.

what are IBCs?

Intermediate bulk containers (IBC’s) are reusable industrial containers, they are designed for the safe transportation and storage of bulk liquids.

IBC’s are easily stack-able containers, that can be mounted on a pallet that is designed to be moved using a forklift or pallet jack. With a tubular galvanised steel frame around the container they guarantee stability.

They also fit perfectly into the grooves of a plastic pallet; both below and above the container which enables an exact positioning space-saving storage.
Packaging Reuse provide JIT (Just-In-Time) delivery

why choose reconditioned?

Reconditioned packaging is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly!
In a world becoming more environmentally conscious, reconditioned containers are the better option; reducing both the amounts of material for disposal/landfill, as well as reducing the amount of new materials being used to create the container.

pressure tested IBCs

All of our reconditioned IBC’s are Laundered and fully pressure tested using state of the art equipment.

We fill the IBC with air under pressure, the machine then monitors the pressure for 90 seconds. If the pressure drops, this means that the IBC is leaking and is then rejected by the team. This allows us to test reconditioned and rebottled IBCs to ensure they are fit for re-use prior to dispatch. There is also an attachment which tests the valve of the IBC in the same way.


what we do

PRD Services can provide collection, recycling and disposal of all your IBC’s, including difficult and hazardous waste storage. Due to our clients demands we keep good stock levels available and with our U.K collection and delivery service we can provide a streamlined service for both purchase and supply of IBC’s.

cost considerations

We understand that every business needs the cost of waste management to be manageable whilst ensuring compliance and regulations are met to have the least impact on the environment. PRD Services are happy to provide like for like quotes to highlight how cost competitive we are, without reducing the quality of our products and service.

what next?

Simple, just get in touch with IBC team at PRD Services to discuss how we can help your company, email us at sales@prdservices.co.uk or call give the team a call for a quote on 0161 848 0976