PRD Services help companies with recycling product quality benchmarked pricing and international fluctuations.

Product Presentation includes waste audits, containerisation, baling and analysis, all designed to maximise revenue in order to achieve long-term stable markets. Benchmarked pricing determines contracts around acknowledged industry indices. International fluctuations affect pricing and quality, PRDS bring years of recycling management experience to this constantly changing environment.

In addition to the recycling services mentioned, PRDS also offer recycling services in the following areas:

paper & cardboard recycling

Packaging Reuse can handle your paper and cardboard disposal & recycling needs, fibre waste streams provide added value to the overall waste hierarchy approach. 

Screen plastics shredded

plastics recycling

Packaging Reuse offer a high quality plastic recycling service. With worldwide commerical knowledge, we can handle single source and co-mingled polymers as well as providing containerised segregation and collection.