Steel Drums

For the duration of the twentieth century, the steel drum has been effectively used as a means of providing the carriage of liquids. With industries as diverse as hazardous chemicals and foodstuffs, utilising the steel drum as their primary transportation method of choice.

This popularity can be attributed to the fact that the Steel Drum can be safely moved by a single person- due to the fact it is round in shape and can, therefore, be rolled. Due to the fact that the steel drum is incredibly strong, especially compared with other transportation methods, it is considered by many to be the safest transportation method, making steel drums incredibly popular for the movement of hazardous waste.

But what other benefits do steel drums provide?

  •  Safety: due to the strength of steel, these drums can offer unparalleled levels of protection from fire, rupture and leakage.
  •  Durability: The ability to recondition and recycle steel drums offer potentially unlimited levels of reusage.
  • Stackability: Steel drums can be easily and effectively stacked to facilitate effective storage and enable effective transportation, irrespective of environment based factors.


Steel drums differ from other industrial packaging materials in one key way. This is the fact that once a steel drum has been correctly reconditioned, it meets the same legal and safety requirements of a brand new steel drum.

Additionally, steel drums offer high levels of re-use expectations, providing significant financial savings for your business, presently a simple yet effective means of increasing its cost efficiency.


When a steel drum has come to the end of its life it can be effectively recycled. Scrap drums are first segregated, before being processed and made into scrap metal. Due to the fact that it is both magnetic and incredibly strong, steel drums are especially suited to being recycled.

Furthermore, to ensure that scrap resulting from steel drums contributes towards meeting both recovery and recycling obligations, the British Metals Foundation, the British Foundry Association and UK Steel Association, have co-signed an agreement with the Environmental Agency to recognise the retrieval of both commercial and industrial scrap.

Packaging Reuse offer a dedicated steel drum recycling and reconditioning service, this includes the reconditioning of steel drums that have contained hazardous waste in a way which is compliant with the new WM3 requirements.

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