Sustainability – Are your plastic drums & IBCs ‘renewable’?

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Sustainability – Are your plastic drums & IBCs ‘renewable’?

There has been a lot of positive coverage this week about the UK’s move away from coal-fired electricity generation. We have now gone two months without generating power from coal. More-and-more we are moving towards renewables – wind, water and the like – to generate our electricity, and our response to the pandemic seems to have accelerated this process.

Plastic drums and IBCs…
are obviously not renewables in the true sense of the word. But Packaging Reuse could make them work for your business as “renewables” at our IBC recycling facility in Manchester, where we specialise in plastic packaging recycling and more importantly re-use of drums and IBCs via our decontamination and laundry processes. Our team will look for the best value solution for you – can we clean your own drums and IBCs for you to re-use, or can we buy them from you for recycling instead of you paying to dispose? Either way, let us make them work for you.

IBC disposal…
and disposal of other packaging will always be our last resort. Making your business more sustainable by moving your packaging up the waste hierarchy is good for the environment but just as importantly should help to drive cost out of your business – vital when you need to watch each and every £ you are spending.

Drum Recycling…
and solutions for a range of packaging is straightforward. Email us your enquiry and our commercial and technical team can usually give you an immediate answer and quotation and the best solution for your drums, IBCs and other packaging. Get your “renewables” working for your business right now.

With all this in mind, it is clearly more important than ever to become aware of your plastic waste and do what you can to help. Packaging Reuse do our bit by making recycling and reuse easier for your company, providing services that help to reduce our impact on the environment and make the world a cleaner place for everyone.