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Increase in waste time ‘Fresh from the show LAST week – RWM Exhibition’

So, if low value raw materials such as mixed rigid plastics and lightly contaminated materials find their way into the landfill waste stream the chances of contractors comitting waste crime and sustaining the landfill tax charges are limited.

As Emma Howard Boyd, chair of the Environment Agency said at the RWM this week the Agency’s understanding of the “new waste campaign” in China, “is that from the end of 2017, the import of 24 wastes could potentially be completely banned.

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This would include different plastics, slag from steelmaking, and several types of waste wool and ash. From 2019, imports of solid wastes to China could be stopped where they can be replaced by domestic sources.”

Emma Howard Boyd continued: “This may lead to a downturn in the waste exports market and could lead to poorer quality waste streams being stockpiled or disposed of illegally in the UK. To deal with these potential scenarios, we are working with DEFRA to combine our joint understanding of priority waste flows, and to identify potential opportunities to support and increase in UK recycling capacity.”

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