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Packaging Reuse & Disposal Services are a company based in Trafford Park, Manchester, located on a site licensed for the treatment of industrial packaging since the early 1980s.

Formed in 2010, the company has more than doubled its turnover and employment force, achieving ISO 9001 in 2015, Packaging Reuse combines senior management experience in the waste industry and packaging expertise unique to direct customer service provision. PRDS Offer a range of different services and products in the chemical industry and packaging sector; focussing on industrial packaging, waste and sustainability; we handle reconditioned and new packaging, recycling, waste & hazardous waste and disposal.

In short, we buy and sell packaging to help support our clients recycling needs.

WM2 & WM3

WM2 in April 1st 2014 and WM3 July 1st 2015 have brought significant changes to the industry. Uncleaned industrial packaging previously containing hazardous materials is now classified as hazardous waste. This has meant change for many companies, with Packaging Reuse responding as a company by: Acquiring a new permit variation, providing enhanced operating performance Including unique MSDS management. Furthermore, £200,000 of infrastructure investment, providing new washing, bundled storage and processing equipment.

We have made a big investment in getting the equipment needed to ensure maximum environmental performance for your materials from balers and shredders to bespoke washing and bunded storage for H3, H6 and H14 wastes.

WM3 brings everything to the next level with more onerous waste classification particularly with respect to HP14 wastes; PRDS permit variation addresses these issues allowing a complete and simple solution to your problems.

Packaging Reuse provides industry knowledge direct customer support: a commitment that PRDS industry professionals are at the forefront of customer interaction at all times, facilitating quick response, flexible solutions and the expected industry knowledge.
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PRDS delivers industry expertise, flexible solutions & fast turnarounds!


Packaging Reuse operate a bespoke reconditioned packaging service with robust ISO driven quality processes, combined with a site infrastructure and equipment investment, guaranteed to produce a customer focussed service and quality products.

The Packaging Reuse product range includes reconditioned 1000L IBCs, rebottled IBCs, remade IBCs, open top plastic and metal drums. In addiction to a range of other plastic and steel container products.

Why Choose Reconditioned?

Reconditioned packaging is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly! In a world becoming more environmentally conscious, when it comes to packaging – reconditioned products are the better option!

our chemist

Closely working with the chemical industry, Packaging Reuse employ a full-time environmental chemist on-site for total compliance, a unique service amongst private UK packaging reconditioners, giving you confidence in the disposal of your waste. Our chemist is able to consult on all things hazardous waste, ensuring you receive the right solution, at a high quality.

An important aspect of many businesses is the responsibility of the producer of waste to properly dispose of their hazardous waste. Having duty of care across the disposal chain and the risk of legal prosecution in cases of negligence can make this process a stressful, timely and expensive task. Packaging Reuse aim to make hazardous waste disposal process as easy and cost-effective as possible, while giving you confidence in your compliance through the expertise of our chemist.


As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, recycling has become an important factor for businesses across a wide range of industries to consider. Packaging Reuse offer recycling services for a wide array of different substances, helping tailor a solution for you and your business. Materials that PRDS can help you recycle include (but are not limited to): paper & cardboard, plastics,  wood, metals, hazardous waste, WEEE, pallets and Refuse Derived Fuels. 


Packaging Reuse provide a wide range of disposal services, offering solutions in hazardous waste disposal, drum & IBC disposal and much more. Get in touch with us for more information.