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hazardous waste

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Packaging Reuse provide an industry-leading hazardous waste disposal service: We offer features unique amongst UK packaging reconditioners in order to guarantee a high quality and reliable service, including a full-time, on-site environmental chemist & laboratory, ensuring compliance and confidence in the service we provide.

Proper hazardous waste disposal is becoming an increasingly important issue in the modern world as individuals & organisations alike become increasingly conscious of their impact on the environment. Offering dependable, compliant solutions to your hazardous waste disposal needs, Packaging Reuse help you to do your bit as we all move toward a cleaner, more environmentally-friendly world.

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Packaging Reuse have a range of permits to deal with your hazardous waste, including a unique hazardous waste permit for hazardous packaging (EWC 15.01.10) in addition to a number of individual EWCs (European Waste Codes). If you are unsure which category or EWC your hazardous waste falls into, our on-site chemist will be able to advise; please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our EWC 15.01.10 permit allows us to dispose of nominally empty hazardous waste containers, the most common type of harzardous packaging, such as IBCs containing residues.

In addition to disposal of nominally empty hazardous waste containers, we are able to take containers with a larger amount of waste substance within the container, dependent on the substance. For more information, please enquire with us for a consultation with our environmental chemist.

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our chemist

Packaging Reuse employ a full-time environmental chemist on-site for total compliance, a unique service amongst private UK packaging reconditioners, giving you confidence in the disposal of your waste. Our chemist is able to consult on all things hazardous waste, ensuring you receive the right solution, at a high quality.

An important aspect of many businesses is the responsibility of the producer of waste to properly dispose of their hazardous waste. Having duty of care across the disposal chain and the risk of legal prosecution in cases of negligence can make this process a stressful, timely and expensive task. Packaging Reuse aim to make hazardous waste disposal process as easy and cost-effective as possible, while giving you confidence in your compliance through the expertise of our chemist.

hazardous waste brokerage

With many years in the industry, Packaging Reuse has developed deep roots in the disposal network, building connections with various different types of hazardous & non-hazardous disposal outlets. If we are unable to provide a service in-house, we are able to offer best cost solutions through our trusted partners in the industry. Please feel free to get in touch with us for more information. Packaging Reuse also offer a unique service, quantifying your overall disposal costs, collating information on the costs associated with disposal, packaging, as well as manufacturing & raw materials.
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